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About Us

Longing to lay eyes on your newer self with bouncy hair? If so, you should stop by Inhairit one day! Yes, we heard your distress and wish to extend our helping hands to bring your confidence back. Our renowned professionals have brought in a new changeover in Hair Replacement, not including any painful surgery methods.

Our Mission

Provide you happiness and confidence in the form of bouncy hair, through non-surgical hair restoration. Blending in modern technology with our experienced hands to tailor a natural look using our painless procedures.

Hair Replacement Like Never Before

The hair considered in the treatment is 100% human hair. This makes you feel even more natural than you expected. After a detailed examination, we pick the hair extensions that match the texture of your hair in length, colour, and style.

Why Choose Inhairit?

Painless Scalp Treatments

Painless Scalp Treatments

Hair replacement techniques provided by Inhairit is unique in every sense. Sleep in it, Swim in it, Shower in it, Exercise in it for the 6 months after the procedure without any worries

High-precision instruments

High-precision instruments

Inhairit has established the norm of using high-precision instruments along with single-use utility.

Affordable Price Packages

Affordable Price Packages

We sensed the excitement in you to try our procedures. Inhairit has wide range of affordable packages which are extremely pocket friendly and yield best results.

Completely Safe

Completely Safe

No Scar, No blood, No stitches, No headache-related issues after nonsurgical hair replacement.


Hair Replacement

Hair Weaving

Hair Wigs

Hair Restoration

Hair Extensions

Hair Bonding

Hair Patches

  • Hair Patching
  • Hair Bonding
  • Hair Weaving
  • Hair Clipping
  • Hair patching becomes necessary if the hair loss starts happening in patches.
  • Hair patching occurs because of an autoimmune disorder where the immune system attacks the hair follicles resulting in coin-sized hair loss.
  • You don’t have to scare yourself while Inahirit is here, providing hair patching treatment, a nonsurgical technique where a hair extension suitable to your scalp and hair texture is provided.
  • The hair extension chosen after the close examination is attached to the scalp using clinical glue thereby, you can run your everyday hassles without even worrying.
  • Day in and day out you might have forgotten that you even have a hair extension.
  • Our procedure would so apt that you can perform all your day-to-day activities including swimming and shampooing without a doubt.

Any Side Effects?

  • Firstly there would not be any allergic reactions on the scalp as the glue used or the extension used would be the ones attached after a clinical trial and testing. The cosmetic glue used is 100% clinically proven.

Who can choose hair patching?

  • People suffering from partial hair loss and in patches particularly can opt for this procedure.
  • Firstly, it is non-surgical and would result in no blood or scars on the scalp.
  • All age groups and genders can choose this procedure to bounce back in life with bouncy hair.
  • It is a painless treatment with super soon results compared to the conventional methods taking a too long time to show results. The provision of well-matched hair extensions seeming completely natural becomes the highlight of the treatment.
  • Hair bonding is a process of incorporating hair extensions, which once completed with the procedure result in the attainment of complete hair.
  • This treatment involves the use of special FDA approved adhesives.

Any Side Effects?

  • It doesn’t include major side effects, and also it depends from person to person.
  • Hair bonding treatment lasts for 2 to 3 months depending on the individual’s lifestyle and hair growth, it also requires regular maintenance.

Who can choose hair bonding?

  • If looking for a hair loss solution providing results instantly then the hair bonding method would be the best.
  • If you are looking for a comfortable and versatile in-wearing hair extension you are at the right place and the hair bonding is suitable for you.
  • Want stunning and thick hair to boost up your lifestyle? Have a glance at the hair weaving procedure.
  • Hair weaving is a non-surgical procedure in which suitable and tested hair extensions would be attached to the existing hair, unlike the hair wigs.
  • There are different stages during this treatment where hair is separated into different segments and the weaved hair is attached to the existing hair using clinically tested hair glue.

Any Side Effects?

  • Side effects being minimal differs from person to person and the skin compatibility with the treatment.
  • Maintenance is a must in any treatment you undergo, thereby proper care and a healthy lifestyle ensure that treatment taken lasts long.

Who can choose hair bonding?

  • People suffering from hair thinning, patchiness, baldness, or slow hair growth can prefer this treatment.
  • It is cost-effective and yields faster results than other baldness treatments.
  • If you are looking for a painless procedure to intensify the density of your hair you are at the right place.
  • Hair clipping is a non-surgical hair restoration procedure, where the hair extensions come in handy with the clips and are attached to the scalp using adhesives.
  • In this method, the hair unit along with the extension chosen depending on the texture and hair length is locked with your current hair.
  • The clips used in this procedure are specially designed to hold the extension along with a few strands of your original hair.

Any Side Effects?

  • Side effects aren’t major as no surgical procedures are included and also.

Who can choose hair bonding?

  • People looking for removable hair extensions chose Hair clippings per their convenience.

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